Thursday's TOOL TIP

I think you'll really have a lot of fun with today's tool tip. It's one of those tools that doesn't take much time to set up and it's free!


So, Instagram. With all of its changes, Instagram has continued to frustrate almost everyone by not allowing you to post links within your text or comments. 


Why, Instagram, why?


I mean, I'd love to be able to click right away from a post.  Wouldn't you?


Are you one of the many small businesses who is actually gaining customers and clients from IG?


If you're not and would like to then maybe today's tool tip will get you there.




So you only get one link to make a first impression in IG. Or do you?


How awesome are the folks at LinkTree for creating a beautiful user interface that allows you to quickly build a list of links that gets hosted on one page? 


Let me show you what I mean.


Here's my admin dashboard inside LinkTree. All you have to do is click the bright green button at the top to get started.


As you can see I created 7 links that show up on my one page hosted by LinkTree and I can keep adding if I want to!


Tuesdays Tool Tip: LinkTree for Instagram





Notice the 3 dots on the left of each entry? Those are there so you can easily click, then drag and drop your link in a different hierarchical order.


In the middle of the screenshot notice the small pencil icons? Those icons let you know that you can edit your button link title and button link url.


And finally, check out the lower right corner. That little number represents how many people have clicked on the link.


So, to recap, you have a way to create as many links as you want, change the order of the links, edit the links, and track the links!



Here's a look at my LinkTree page




Creating a link in profile with linktree



After you've created all your links, LinkTree will create one link that you should insert in your Instagram profile. 


She Creates Instagram Feed using LinkTree




Check out LinkTree.


Check out this tool in action.


After you've set up your own free LinkTree page, come back here and let us know how we can find you on Instagram! 


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